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INDIE ROCK: Home Wrecking Years by Brendan Canning


BCN_hirescover_HWYHome Wrecking Years, the most recent solo effort from Broken Social Scene co-founder Brendan Canning, is a lush yet pleasantly straightforward indie rock gems. Where his last solo effort (2013’s You Gots 2 Chill) was full of lo-fi and minimalist acoustics, Home Wrecking Years is an album you can actually chill to, in that sunny, reverb-heavy 90s indie rock sort-of-way.

This album feels a little (spiritually and sonically) closer to Canning’s work in Broken Social Scene, with the album opener and lead single, “Book It To Fresno”, offering a familiar-in-a-good-way cerebral take on college rock. On “Vibration Walls” – probably my favourite song on the album – Canning goes for simple and memorable, with the song anchored on call-and-response vocals and swooping harmonies on the chorus. Where “Money Mark” and “Nashville Late Pass” bring the full-band loud guitars and drums to the table, the album weaves in more tropical influences on both “Hey Marika, Get Born” and “Keystone Dealers”. The album’s got a lot of layers to peel back, making it a very compelling listen, and a good showcase for Brendan Canning, the songwriter.

Interestingly, Home Wrecking Years is actually a band effort – it came together as Canning was preparing to take You Gots 2 Chill on the road. The band, which ended up being a six-piece, features BSS alumni like Justin Peroff and Sam Goldberg, as well as Liam O’Neill, formerly of The Stills. Perhaps a full band environment is really where Brendan Canning thrives, and Home Wrecking Years is a really good showcase for that.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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Must-Listen Tracks: “Vibration Walls”, “Hey Marika, Get Born”


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