Music News — August 9, 2016 at 18:51

NEWS: Bon Iver Rumoured to Debut New Album On Friday



Bon Iver fans have been trying not to get their hopes up too much as the band has begun to cryptically hint towards their first new album since 2011. Nearly 5 years ago, Bon Iver announced that they would be taking a hiatus, at which point lead singer and songwriter Justin Vernon went on to work on different musical projects.

According to Pitchfork earlier today, Bon Iver will be premiering their brand new album this coming Friday at the Eaux Claires Art Festival, although the band has yet to confirm what’s in store. One thing is for sure- fans will be keeping an eye out for videos & announcements that are sure to come!

If you visit Bon Iver’s Facebook page, they recently changed their profile photo to what seems to be a new album cover with the word “Math” on it. Perhaps new art work, or possibly not, but we’re hoping Justin Vernon answers these very, very important questions for us soon!


What do you think? Do fans need to prepare themselves for some long awaited, brand new Bon Iver music?

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