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Osheaga 2016 — Day 3


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The sun has set over Parc Jean-Drapeau and Osheaga 2016, but the wonderful experience will never really leave the music lover. The weekend was blessed with the most beautiful weather with bright blue skies, a gentle breeze, and temperatures that did not reach 30 degrees. After a whole weekend of excellent music, fun activities and delicious food, fans can go home with the new treasured memories of yet another successful festival.

Melanie Martinez, a former The Voice contestant, opened the Scene de la Montagne with her deceivingly upbeat songs that add an interesting level to her darker lyrics. Her set up was straight out of a child’s bedroom, and she flit around the stage in her pink socks and a long Sia-like wig.  attracted a large crowd and got everyone dancing with her electro-pop music. It’s exactly what was needed to get everyone prepped for a day that was bound to be focused on electronic music.

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The Struts rocked out hardcore at Scene de la Vallee with their upbeat jams. St. Lucia was having so much fun on stage at Scene Verte Sonnet that it carried over to the audience who couldn’t stop jumping or dancing. Despite the fact that he had just gotten off the plane from Lollapalooza, he had so much energy to give,  from singing as he walked around in the audience and running around on stage for his single “Physical.” 

In case anyone didn’t already know, Foals sound great live. Their heavy riffs rile everyone up, and the singer even tried to crowdsurf. Grimes was one of the most anticipated acts, but sadly she had to cut it short since she was still recovering from the flu. She continuously apologised for not dancing around as much as she normally does. Nevertheless, she put on a great show; you wouldn’t really have been able to tell she was sick. Dancers accompanied her, giving her unique music shape. M83 put all of their energy into creating a memorable electro experience. Mai Lan even made an appearance for the song “Go!” and of course everyone went crazy for “Midnight City.”

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Unfortunately, due to a cancelled flight, Disclosure was unable to arrive in time for their set. Instead, Gramatik put on an energetic show accompanied by a guitarist. While many were disappointed, they were soothed that they got their fix for quality live electro.

There was a silver lining though. Finally the talk of the weekend, Radiohead, appeared on stage half an hour earlier because of the change of schedule. They lit up the stage with their powerful riffs and then slowed it down with their gentle, softer side, taking the audience on a musical rollercoaster they never wanted to leave. The crowd was actually pretty tame while Radiohead played, both in awe of the headliner and focused on absorbing as much of the music they could. Fans who stood in the same spot all day to be able to see Radiohead well were rewarded tenfold, especially since they played both “Karma Police” and “Creep.”

The countdown begins for the next Osheaga. Though it may be over, there are still more excellent festivals to come. Be sure to check out Heavy MTL and IleSoniq!


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