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REVIEW: Blink-182 in Montreal


A Day to Remember. Credit: Marie Claire Denis

In a tour that was not supposed to stop in Montreal and was announced very late, it could have explained why the Bell Center was not sold out last night.

Except, it pretty much was.  Already two hours before DJ Spider’s set, fans were lining up in front of all the entrances to see Blink 182, with opening acts All Time Low and A Day To Remember.

If you expect DJ Spider to be just another DJ, you are in for an incredible surprise.  the DJ served the already formed crowd a mix of old emo and post hardcore music, ranging from Fall Out Boy to Jimmy Eat World and more.  Definitely an awesome start to the night!

Next one were Baltimore’s All Time Low.  It was easy to see they were having fun and not just because the crowd was already off the wall: as many other bands, All Time Low were inspired by Blink182 growing up, and the fun they are getting from playing with their idols is visible.  From the opening notes of “Lost in Stereos” to the successful “A Love Like War” and “Backseat Serenade”, Gaskarth and his band served us an energetic set filled with comedy reminiscing of Blink 182 itself.  As they played “Dear Maria count me in”, most of the crowd could not believe it has already been an hour with the band.

Ocala’s A Day To Remember took the stage to much fanfare, with “2001’s A Space Odyssey” theme, before launching right into “The Downfall of us all” from “Homesick”.  The stage was set to prepare for the next album, “Bad Vibrations”, with old screens and cables reminding of their 1st single off the album, “Paranoia”.  Another band influenced heavily by Blink-182, it was interesting to see the crowd going off for a band heavier than both the opening and main acts.  Amongst the biggest success of their set, every song of “What Separates me From you” and “Homesick” were welcomed with screams and moshpits.  It was easy to see the boys themselves were enjoying the show as Jeremy McKinnon took fun in messing with the photographers and filming them.  We can’t wait to hear their new album, and hopefully have them tour in Canada again!

Our pictures from A Day To Remember’s show!

After what seemed like an eternity, Blink 182 started with their hit “Feeling this”, on a fairly empty stage except for some screens and a lot of pyrotechny.  During the 2 hours of the show, it was almost hit after hit for the trio.  As for Matt Skiba playing in Tom DeLonge’s spot, the only weird thing about it was that you can finally understand the lyrics sung!  Sure there were some stray screams to bring back Tom, but they were quickly drown in the screams from the other fans on site.  With a good mix from previous albums (“First Date”, “I miss you”, “Stay Together for the Kids”, etc) and new album (“San Diego”, “Bored to Death”), it was bound to be a successful night for the California band; and when they came back to finish their encore with “Dammit”, it once again felt like the show wasn’t long enough.


Check out our gallery from the show and tell us what you thought of the show!


  1. Or not sold out because of the national broadcast of a national celebration: The farewell concert by Tragically Hip..

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