Music News — August 6, 2016 at 15:35

WATCH: Check Out This Version Of “Build Me Up (Buttercup)” from STACEY


Photo provided by STACEY

Courtesy of Toronto’s STACEY, here’s a really stark and completely re-imagined cover of the iconic track from The Foundations, “Build Me Up (Buttercup)”. Where the original song is pretty upbeat and cheery (at least musically), STACEY’s take is much darker, and notably, much closer to the actual lyrics of the song. I absolutely love how this new arrangement really showcases just how sombre this song actually is.

The accompanying music video sets the cover against a kind of moody, somewhat grainy video, filmed in the Darling Mansion. Filmed in one evening by Laura-Lynn Petrick, the video was filmed using Super 8’s, which gives it that ‘creepy home movie’ vibe. Great video, great track – check it out below!




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