Music News — August 15, 2016 at 18:25

WATCH: L.E.J Releases New Single, “Summer 2016”

Via Casablanca Records

Via Casablanca Records

L.E.J (pronounced Elijay) is back with another summer mashup, following their first one in the summer of 2015. “Summer 2016” is a delightfully smooth mashup of all the hits of 2016, with perfectly blended vocals that is punctuated with cello plucking. This mashup was an immediate hit, with over 2 million views in a week, indicative of the group’s growing popularity. In fact, after their first mashup last year, the group opened for Pharrell and sold over 200,000 albums in less than three months. L.E.J’s addictive, refreshing orchestral addition to the pop genre, one that can get monotonous and boring very quickly, means that the group is not only quirky and cool, but also has that edge that will keep them on the pop scene. I love that the group sings in their native French, introducing French songs that we otherwise might not have ever heard of. Summer mashups tend to be electronically driven, so this more classical take is absolutely lovely. Combined with the beautiful coastal background, this video is one you will want to watch over and over again.

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