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Dani and Lizzy


12973257_951676131594287_3006167853630027456_o“We have always been very in-tune with each other so writing songs together has always come very naturally,

lyrically we finish each others sentences and it’s always been a breeze.” – Dani and Lizzy

Last month we got the opportunity to premiere the Vancouver duo Dani and Lizzy‘s new track Keep Her Love. The song, while infectious and dance-worthy, also had a powerful message behind it. Since then, the Canadian sisters have released their debut album “Work of Heart” via 604 Records/Sony Music Entertainment and have been creating a massive buzz across the country with their unique brand of soul-infused pop.

We chatted with the duo about recording their debut album, the message behind Keep Her Love and their favorite Summer 2016 memory. Check it out:

CONFRONT: Your track “Keep Her Love” has a great message – can you talk a little about the song and your inspiration behind it?

DANI&LIZZY: On this song I was inspired by many of the stories I’ve hear about some men being insecure about letting their girlfriends shine. I’ve seen it a few times with some of the ladies I know. They’re so talented and amazing and their boyfriends tend to be intimidated by it. This song is about celebrating a woman’s freedom – to be themselves. Of course there is wonderful men all over the world who love and support their woman, but this is for the ones who don’t.

CONFRONT: Congrats on the release of your new album “Work of Heart”! What’s one thing you hope fans take away from this album?

DANI&LIZZY: Thanks so much! The message is definitely love, love for one’s self and love for others.

CONFRONT: What was your favorite memory in studio while recording Work of Heart?

DANI&LIZZY: It’s hard to say one thing specifically, everyday in the studio with Colin Janz and Pedro Dzelme was hilarious. They are so funny and we share the same sense of humour so we had a lot of fun. Also, there is a lot of waiting in the studio, like waiting for your turn to record, so we definitely had some good rounds of ‘Bob-It’ and had a sketchbook lying around that have some pretty funny drawings.

CONFRONT: Which song did you most enjoy watching come to life in the studio?

DANI&LIZZY: It was definitely exciting to watch ‘Keep Her Love’ come to life. It was a slower process than the rest because we had a lot of live instrumentation on it, so we would get updated versions from Colin every time a new musician had added to the song. We loved being surprised by the new additions.

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CONFRONT: What’s the most important thing you learned while recording “Work of Heart” that you’ll bring with you into the studio in the future?

DANI&LIZZY: We started off a little stiff, working with a new producer, new record label and new studio. We definitely learned that when you relax and have fun you get the best material.

CONFRONT: What’s the best part and the biggest challenge about collaborating on new music as sisters?14316876_1042383102523589_1601707294239673629_n

DANI&LIZZY: We have always been very in-tune with each other so writing songs together has always come very naturally, lyrically we finish each others sentences and it’s always been a breeze. The challenge is the genre of music, because we are both vocally and melodically better in the genes we prefer. For Dani, it’s RNB and Hip-hop, and for Lizzy its singer/songwriter/folk.

CONFRONT: Can we also take a second to discuss the awesome new coloring books you’ll be releasing? What made you decide to release these?

DANI&LIZZY: The album title “Work of Heart” is a spin off of Work of art. We’re both artists and musicians, we wanted to find a cool way to incorporate our art into this album somehow, so we made a Dani and Lizzy coloring book. We drew all the pages and the activities relate to the album in some way. Our new lyric video for Keep Her Love is all hand drawings as well. We got 60 different artists to contribute; we really wanted to incorporate art as much as possible.

CONFRONT: If you could collaborate with anyone in the future who would it be and why?

DANI&LIZZY: We would love to collaborate with Dj/producers, like Kygo, Calvin Harris, Diplo, Stylist Beats, to name a few.

CONFRONT: With summer winding down, we wanted to know your favourite summer concert memory (as a band or as a music fan)!

DANI&LIZZY: This summer we went to Shambhala music festival and saw Stylust and Emotionz. The stage show was amazing, they rocked a really dope set. They had crazy visuals, live hoola-hoop and pole dancers. The energy in the crowd was crazy, definitely my favourite set of the summer!

CONFRONT: What’s one track that will always remind you of summer time?

DANI&LIZZY: Summertime in the LBC, Dove Shack, we bump this jam every summer and sing along with our friends.

CONFRONT: What 3 songs are you currently hooked on (and recommend to your fans)?

DANI&LIZZY: Lizzy- I have been listening to Tall Heights – River Wider and Muna – Winter break on repeat. Dani has been into Major Lazor – Cold water and Usher – Rivals

CONFRONT: What does the rest of 2016 look like for Dani and Lizzy?

DANI&LIZZY: We’re really looking forward to hearing ‘Keep Her Love’ on the radio and also travelling across Canada on a radio tour. We will be performing and doing live interviews! Our 2017 Canadian tour is currently in the planning stages and we are also hoping to hit the USA!


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