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ELECTRO DANCE PUNK: Wrong by We Are Wolves



We Are Wolves is a band with a striking name and a sound to match. The group combines electronic undertones with distinctly punk-driven vocals, creating discordant, yet irresistible tracks on their newest album, Wrong. Having toured the world with the likes of Muse and Indochine, We Are Wolves is back and on a new record label, Fantôme Records. Wholly embracing pop into Wrong, the band still manages to maintain a grittiness that will keep old fans coming back.

Wrong opens with “Inconsiderate,” and considering the other tracks on the album, I was surprised that it was the first choice; in comparison to late tracks, “Inconsiderate” is slowed down, with a long musical intro that, while funky, takes too much time getting to the real beef of the song: vocalist Alexander Ortiz’s hypnotizing voice. “Cynical” is the first track on the album that really grabbed my attention. The intro is insanely catchy, as new-wave keyboards, drums, and bass come together to create a vaguely 80s-themed groove. The next track, “Wicked Games,” was the first single to be released off Wrong, and it was an excellent choice. The vibes are upbeat and remind me of teen film montages of prom. This is by no means a criticism; the song is hip, and I would love to see it performed at an underground bar.

“Broken Arrow,” similar to “Inconsiderate,” acts as a musical divider for the album. The sixth track is slower, haunting, but just a tad too dragged out for my tastes. We Are Wolves’ strength truly lies in its more energetic, pop-driven sound. “Unknown Flowers” brings that sound back with fun, retro refrains and vocals that are reminiscent of Depeche Mode or The Dandy Warhols. “Au Revoir les Crapules,” however, has to be my favorite track off Wrong. Entirely in French, the song is refreshing and biting, and has inspired me to brush up on my lacking foreign language skills. The chorus is almost shouted, which totally works with the sirens in the background, creating a rebellious air to the song. “Dislocation” closes out Wrong exquisitely, utilizing a reverberating instrumental that almost sounds like The Twilight Zone, delightfully creepy and mysterious.

As a whole, Wrong, is a really groovy piece of work, and with twelve tracks on the album, it will have something for everyone. We Are Wolves have incorporated pop into their sound but haven’t sold out; retaining their older elements of punk and heavy usage of electric guitar, We Are Wolves have created a perfect combination.

4 out of 5 stars

Fantôme Records

Must-Listen Tracks: “Cynical,” “Wicked Games,” “Unknown Flowers,” Au Revoir les Crapules”


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