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HARDCORE: Bad Vibrations by A Day To Remember



Florida based band A Day To Remember (ADTR) has come a long way since the lawsuit against Victory records prior to the release of their last album Common Courtesy in 2013. They have won the right to self-release album against Victory Records and fans couldn’t be happier to have a new album in hand. It was also the first time since For Those Who Have Heart that the band was in a room together to write the album.

Bad Vibrations is ADTR’s sixth album, and it keeps getting better with every album. There is a real evolution from Common Courtesy to Bad Vibrations, not only in the lyrics but we can feel less ‘’rage’’ in the album – yet it is still powerful. It’s different but we can find similarity with previous album from the band.

‘’Paranoia’’, the first single of the album, is one of the strong songs of this album. It’s got the fast tempo well known for the band. If some people were saying the last album was missing good guitar riffs, lead guitarist Kevin Skaff took that matter in hand by giving fans what they know from ADTR. ‘’Bullfight’’, written by McKinnon, Skaff and Westfall describe how someone can change from something positive happening to them. ‘’Justified’’ was one of the song that was written early in the process from a previous idea Westfall had. Lyrically, the song is about judgemental people who have a distaste for others for simply having different beliefs than them.

We can feel a Blink-182 pop-punk vibe in ‘’Naivety’’ but it’s still keeping that ‘’A Day To Remember’’ essence, according to McKinnon talks about loss of innocence. Fans that discover A Day To Remember during Homesick or What Separates Me From You will very much enjoy that album since we feel they went back to what made them so successful in the past. If you like ‘’Second Sucks’’ from What Separates Me From You then ‘’Exposed’’ will be one of your favourite songs, with the a hardcore tempo and a lot of screaming from McKinnon. ‘’Turn Off The Radio’’ was supposed to be on Common Courtesy and it was known that rapper Rick Ross was supposed to rap on the song. Fun fact: After asking the group if they were Satanists, someone said yes and they never heard from him again.

If there is only one thing that could perhaps be said against the album, is that it is a little uneven – you will go from a fast tempo song to a more melodic one. It’s a good thing for people who haven’t listened to ADTR much in the past – they will find this album with just the right amount of hardcore and pop-punk with the song ‘’Forgive and Forget’’, where we can hear violin and cello, something we rarely hear in hardcore music.

In general, the album is great to listen from one end to the other. It’s hardcore but also got some slower songs that will still make you enjoy how talented the band is. If you have never listened to the band, now is a good chance with this excellent album.


4.5 out of 5 stars

ADTR Records

Must-Listen Tracks: “Bullfight”, “Naivety”, “Paranoia” and “Forgive and Forget”


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