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Photo by Claire Rothstein

Photo by Claire Rothstein

Honne is an electro-soul duo hailing from the land of tea, scones, great accents and even greater music. What started out as a chat over a shared love for Radiohead in University has grow into a beautiful musical project, boasting tens of millions of plays worldwide. James Hatch and Andy Clutterbuck along with their band recently played a show in Montreal. We sat down with them before the Sala Rossa performance to discuss coming together, creative processes and of course, their music.

CONFRONT: We’re here with Honne. Thank you guys for sitting down with us. So you guys just came out with your first album – Congratulations. How has the response been to the album? Is it what you were expecting or hoping?

James: Yeah, everything we’ve wanted and more. It’s incredible the response has been really really great. It’s been cool. It’s so nice to finally get all these songs out on a full-length album. It’s been 2 years in the making so it’s a nice feeling.

Confront: Yeah for sure! So, one of the things I really like about the album is that it’s super open, expressive and raw. I found that kind of funny since we’re in a world of “giving no fucks.” Has that sort of made it refreshing or challenging when you that album out to open up so much like that?

James: We wanted to write about stuff that means something to us. So, all the lyrics are about stuff that that happened to andy or I or our friends or family or whoever. But that just show us –

Andy: Yeah, I don’t know, sometimes we don’t really think about – like no way inspiration comes from wherever. And sometimes Jjames shows me an instrumental and it will just spark a little idea for lyrics.

CONFRONT: So you’re (James) writing the music and you’re (Andy) writing the lyrics?

Both: No no.

James: We kind of both do it.

CONFRONT: What is sort of like the creative process for you guys?

Andy: So we kind of start with… let’s just say, usually, James comes up with an instrumental and he’ll send it to me and I’ll write the melody and the lyrics. So it’s all separate. So we’re not always in the same room when that’s happening. Then we’ll come together in the end and figure out the additional instruments and finish the song.

CONFRONT: I guess that’s worked out pretty well so far.

James: Sometimes I’ll just do the instrumentals and I’ll come around and we’ll do like a day on a song.

Confront: So it’s a good dynamic for you guys?

James: Yeah, I think the reason that i like working separately at the beginning stages is so like you can allow each other to do whatever and sometimes it’s nice to come be in a room and – not that James judges or I judge – experiment and do whatever you want.

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