Music News — September 9, 2016 at 13:49

Listen: Nick Howard Releases Killer Single “Fight”


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Singer/songwriter and Englishman in New York, Nick Howard has just released a brand new track called “Fight”, in anticipation of his new album that will be released somewhere this autumn.

Nick’s buddy Rachel Platten also has an amazing, powerful song about fighting, as we all know. However, the interpretation of both songs is completely different. This new track by UK born Howard is telling us he’s done fighting. Instead, he just wants to be himself and try to mend things. The chorus is simple, but it brings across the message loud and clear. The song builds up beautifully and it has this thing that I appreciate in Nick’s music: “Fight” deals with authenticity and honesty. The song talks about someone real, someone who makes mistakes, and someone who needs freedom. Yet, that person is willing to “drop to [his] knees” for something worthwhile at the same time. Also, the track is simply catchy: Try and stop singing along, I dare you!

You can purchase “Fight” at all digital retailers, you can listen to it via Spotify, but you can also watch the badass video shot in the Big Apple by UK photographer Tommy Reynolds.

Nick is touring the USA soon, so for dates, check out his social media below!


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