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OPINION: Mel C Doesn’t Owe Us a Spice Girls Reunion


Source: Thurstan Redding for LOVE

It seems like every couple years, rumours start swirling of an impending Spice Girls reunion. Ever since the London 2012 Olympics, when the group reunited to perform a medley during the closing ceremony, the fire has only been fuelled with more buzz.

With the group’s 20th anniversary looming in the distance, it seemed like another reunion was inevitable. A few of the girls helped fuel more rumours, and all but confirmed that something was going to happen. Victoria Beckhama.k.a Posh Spice — said that she would not be participating in any upcoming Spice Girls performances, instead focusing on her family and booming fashion empire. Most people weren’t shocked — Posh was usually speculated to be the difficult one to convince for past reunions — but when it was recently revealed that Mel C, better known as Sporty Spice, wouldn’t be participating in an upcoming project with Mel B, Emma, and Geri, fans were shocked and disappointed.

In an essay titled “Fame” for the latest issue of LOVE Magazine, Mel C shared her reasoning behind her choice not to participate in a Spice Girls reunion.

I’d love to play huge arenas across the World, sing our brilliantly bonkers pop songs and relive our former glory. It is of course a very lucrative opportunity too. But we were a five-piece band. Didn’t we reach a peak with the Olympics? There’s a lot to be said for bowing out on a high note.

For me the absolute pinnacle of my Spice existence was being watched by a billion people around the globe belting out ‘Spice up Your Life’ on top of a black cab at the 2012 London Olympics. Anything less than the full line-up just didn’t feel like we’d be doing justice to the band or the fans.

As much as we hate to say it, a reunion without Victoria would not have been a huge difference. While we love Posh and would’ve missed her dearly, her vocals usually didn’t add much to the songs — in fact, on their first reunion tour back in 2007, she was the only one not to have a solo portion (choosing instead to do a runway walk).

Without Mel C, though, the show would be incomplete. Her voice filled out every Spice Girls song we grew up loving. Her distinct vocals could be picked out  immediately as she belted out the bigger notes. Without her, there is no Spice Girls.

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Fans seem to think they deserve a reunion, that it’s owed to them. But it’s not. The Spice Girls had an amazing run, and will go down in history as one of the greatest girl groups of all-time. They had a super-successful reunion tour in 2007 — with all five members in tow — and performed at an Olympic closing ceremony, representing their country in front of the whole world. That’s an impressive feat for any performer.

Source: Billboard

Source: Billboard

The Spice Girls had their moment, and maybe in the future, all five girls will decide it’s time to come back once again. But until then, we are not entitled to anything. They are not indebted to anyone; they gave fans what they wanted (what they really, really wanted) in 2007.

Of course so many of us would love to see them together again for years and years to come, but unfortunately, not all the girls — namely Victoria and Mel C — are on board, so we have to accept that. If you are really a fan, you will respect their decisions, however disappointed you may be.

Mel C isn’t completely cutting ties with the Spice Girls, either. She gushed about how much she loved the other girls and how she will forever cherish their friendship and the group forever.

“I love the band I am beyond proud of my past and will always embrace and celebrate being a Spice Girl, It’s what I am.”

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