CONFRONT Playlist — September 26, 2016 at 08:00

SONG SUGGESTION: Passage by The Jessica Stuart Few





Who knew that songs about acceptance fit so naturally with Canadian landscapes? Apparently, The Jessica Stuart Few did, which is expertly showcased on the music video for their newest single, “Passage”. On it, Jessica Stuart sings about accepting and coming to terms with the fact that life isn’t always going to happen exactly as you’ve laid it out. This fits in well with the aesthetic of the music video, which shows Jessica in various natural environments that would indeed be great places for reflecting on life, including in a canoe and a cameo from her trusty koto.

Notably, “Passage” is the last song to make it onto the band’s upcoming third album – called The Passage – which will be released on October 25th. If that wasn’t enough great news, the band’s album release tour will take them to Peterborough, Ottawa, Cornwall, Montreal, Kingston and two Toronto dates. Find out more here.





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