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Top 5 Country-Pop Crossover Duets


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photo courtesy of Dierk Bentley's facebook page.

photo courtesy of Dierk Bentley’s facebook page.

Some may argue that today’s country music stars aren’t really even “country” anymore. And as Confront’s resident Country-obsessed writer-by-night, it’s my job to try and convince you otherwise – or not, whatever. Anyways, this year has been big on new releases and new collaborations across the board. We’re mixing top country stars with today’s top pop sensations and creating the best of the best when it comes to dynamic duos.

Because I want you – no need you – to love these songs as much as I do, I have compiled the top five best country-pop crossover duets on the radio RIGHT NOW. And after you listen to them, you’re going to want to listen to them again because I was right and you know it. Take a listen and give your ears some musical love.

(P.S. Don’t ask me which one is my favourite because I’ll tell you they’re all the best. Country music has some stellar musicians and incredible tunes out there right now!)

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