Music News — September 20, 2016 at 08:29

WATCH: HEIRSOUND Releases New Video for “Fell Again”



Off their debut EP, Merge, “Fell Again” is HEIRSOUND’s newest video release. Known for their beautiful visuals, HEIRSOUND does not disappoint with their new music video. Inspired by colors and auras, each song off Merge corresponds with a specific color on the color wheel, and for “Fell Again,” this theme can be seen through the entire production. The nature shots imbue a sense of calm through the video, as well as allowing the watcher to accompany the duo on a peaceful walk. It is a video that you can truly lose yourself in. What is truly awe-worthy is that Alexa San Roman, one of two halves of HEIRSOUND, produced the video herself, creating a “simple visual that still had an emotional feel to it.”


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