CONFRONT Playlist — September 28, 2016 at 09:00

Woman Crush Wednesday: Maddie Ziegler/Sia Furler


This is a two-part woman crush Wednesday really, because it’s the beautiful, artful cooperation of two ladies: Sia Furler and dancer Maddie Ziegler are a music and performance team made in heaven, and while Maddie might not quite be a woman yet, what she does is certainly woman crush Wednesday worthy!

The first time we saw these two work together was in Sia’s beautiful, strong, yet fragile “Chandelier”, where Maddie wowed the audience with her brilliant moves and amazing control of her body, and Sia impressed us with the rawness, depth, and range of her voice.

Maddie Ziegler will only turn 14 this September, but her resumé is quite mature, and the way she dances is out of this world. Maddie starred in Dance Moms from when she was only 8 and was just 12 when she starred in Sia’s “Chandelier”. Maddie has danced in various other music videos and oh, yes, she’s also a judge on So You Think You Can Dance.  Maddie appeared in four more Sia videos, “Elastic Heart” with Shia Laboeuf, “Big Girls Cry”, “Cheap Thrills”, and the most recent one, “The Greatest”, in which Maddie and her fellow dancers depict a moving artistic interpretation of the recent Orlando shooting. Sia’s voice works magic together with Maddie’s dancing and it doesn’t stop at music performances and videos. Maddie also worked with Sia on a movie Sister, which Sia co-wrote and produced with children’s book author Dallas Clayton.


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