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Christine and the Queens at the Phoenix Concert Theatre



Héloïse Letissier is her name and Christine and The Queens is her band. The French singer-songwriter brought her alternative pop sounds to the Phoenix Concert Theatre on October 6th. As the crowed filed into the medium-sized venue there was an instant aura in the air, with many francophones in attendance it was clear this was an anticipated act.

Beforehand, KAMAU introduced himself to the Canadian faithful. With heavy beats accompanied by a DJ the artist was creating sounds with the crowd, he led an impromptu beat-boxing session meanwhile the crowd ooh’d and ahh’d. No doubt the artist had the crowd hyped. KAMAU also touched upon the political atmosphere clouding our neighbours to the south, with a raised fist to the air he proclaimed a problem clearly exists in the form of discrimination towards POC. Not many artists are so willing to be open about oppressions in such a fashion but KAMAU invited the crowd to raise a fist to inequality in solidarity.

On the dot at 9:00PM, the lights dimmed and out came Héloïse’s dancers, it was a true rendition of mixed art forms through music and dance. Héloïse quickly took command of the crowd and danced the night away. With her enigmatic presence and a decry of labels. Héloïse brought a fresh take to pop culture, dressed to the nines in a collared dress shirt and pants, Héloïse commanded the stage with ease. Her 2014 release Chaleur Humaine (Christine and the Queens) was well received as fans sang along word for word. She interacted with the crowd so easily and with a sweet demeanour she serenaded the crowd with a few lines of Mariah Carey’s “Heartbreaker”, Kanye West’s “Heartless” and more.

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The pinnacle moment of the night came as she proclaimed to be a little “Tilted” and immediately the track had the crowd roaring along. I was anxiously waiting for her hit track “Tilted” and was not disappointed by the live version, in fact I loved it that much more. The dance moves were hit with a sharpness that one couldn’t help but sway along and attempt to recreate the moves as some concert-goers did beside me.

She then followed with a cover of Beyonce’s “Sorry”, another well received rendition, as was the Drake cover. Héloïse Letissier led the night with ease, her boyish presence was welcomed with open arms and she was a treat to see live!

Christine and the Queens - October 6th 2016

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Christine and The Queens

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