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Musical Movie Suggestion: Sing Street by John Carney



Fell in love with Once (2007)? Thoroughly enjoyed Begin Again (2013)? Then, let’s bet that Sing Street (2016), the newest movie musical from John Carney, the man behind the aforementioned gems, will have you cheering and singing along!

Sing Street is the coming of age tale of an 80s Irish teenager, who puts together a band and starts writing songs in order to impress a girl. With such a premise, needless to say that music plays an integral part in the film. And with a soundtrack that mixes some of  80s pop’s most recognizable names (think Duran Duran, The Cure, Daryl Hall, among others), with catchy original songs that perfectly inspired by the time period, it is a glorious ode to a classic musical decade.

If that sounds like some rocking good time, take a quick peek at the official video for “Drive It Like You Stole It”, one of the films’ many musical highlights!


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