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POP: Upside Down by Set It Off



After a first listening in the car, Set It Off’s new album Upside Down’was fitting perfectly with that summer vibe we still got right now. I could definitely say this album was going to be a summer hit with his major influence with pop, R&B but also hip-hop could be feel in the whole album.

It is clearly something new for the band since we’re used to listening to them have a bit more pop-punk attitude rather then the pop-R&B influence they have on this new album. They are trying a different style and some people will like, but some people might think the change is a little too much.

The first single ”Uncontainable” was a kind of preview to that change of vibe from the band. The song was a major hit when it was first release on May 17th 2016. Fun fact about the video: The title of the album is said when at the beginning of the video the bodyguard ask for the password, they say ”Upside Down”. The second single of that album ”Something New” is one of the song the band worked with Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low – we can hear trumpet on this new song, something we are not used on the previous album or EP.

Carson (lead singer) was saying it was some of the band most mature work up to date. We can feel it’s a different vibe from their previous album, ‘Duality’. For example in the song ‘Admit It”, the lyrics showcase a more mature side of the band, but still with some of that pop sparkle they’re known for. It will be interesting to see those new songs in a live performance – many of the songs included trumpet and rhythm drums. The band is already known for turning the venue into a real dance floor with this music.

This album might be different from what we already know from Set It Off , and for me, it took me a few listening sessions to actually appreciate all the hard work the band put in to create Upside Down. This album is perfect for the summer or even to remember that even in our cold Canadian winter, we can have a little ray of sunshine from Florida with this album.


3 out of 5 stars

Equal Vision

Must-Listen Tracks: “Something New”, “Uncontainable” and ”Tug Of War”


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