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The music institution known as Confront Magazine debuted as an online magazine since 2006, focusing on the world of music. Confront Magazine is founded by a great music lover and an artist who really want to share their passion through this music magazine. These two just met, talked, become friends and lo and behold, they found out that they have the same feelings for music. Because they know that there are a lot of ike-minded people around the world who love music as much as they do, they decided to take that step to fulfill their love for music. Thus, Confront Magazine was established.

Due to our passion in music and dedication to pursue our goals and mission, Confront Magazine finally made it through this far. We are now in our 10th year in the music industry, reliable and trusted in giving you music news, articles, reviews and interviews of your favorite music icon. We have a lot of followers and readers who are loyal and trusted us for years. Because of them, we are doing our best to continue pursuing this endeavor.

We hope you will continue to support us and tell everyone that there is an online music magazine that is trusted and reliable. Also, continue to support our great singers who are creating and sharing their good music and talent to us. They give so much contribution to music industry that is deserving of support.

Confront Magazine has a lot of music artist and music news to be featured soon, so please check those out. We hope that we’ve completed our mission to give you some information about our website. If you want more of these, please keep browsing through our web as there’s a lot more information.

Thank you and keep reading our online magazine. We are looking forward for your next visit here.