We welcome you to our most Frequently Asked Questions section of this site. We hope you find this section useful as you browse through our website.

— Are there any articles posted here apart from the music scene?
Sad to say, we do not post anything except articles that are all about music. We are an online magazine that focuses on music. We deliver reviews, interviews of your favorite music icons, news and articles about the music industry.

— Do you sell your music magazine in store? Where can I buy them?
For the meantime, our magazine is not for sale so, you cannot buy them in stores anywhere. Confront Magazine is readable only through our website and it’s absolutely free. You don’t have to pay any amount of cash just to read our magazine online, just register to read the full magazine. Our mission is to give you the freshest and latest facts and news about the music industry. It is totally free, for you to show your interests and support the music industry and Confront Magazine website.

— If Confront Magazine is not available in any stores then, do you have any plans to release it in the market?
Unfortunately, our company doesn’t have any plans to release it in stores. We have committed that we will keep the online magazine free for people to enjoy. You are allowed to read our magazines any way you want.

— Let me say, I want you to make an article and news about any artist I want you to feature on your magazine, Is that possible?
Yes it is, Confront Magazine would love to hear any of your thoughts, concerns, requests and suggestions. So, if you have any then we are willing to discuss it and give some immediate action. If you are planning to request other artists to feature, please do so.