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Confront Magazine is here, a new and innovative magazine that brings you the latest music news, reviews, music artists, interviews and more. We have a lot of featured artists here that got interviewed by our correspondents. Confront Magazine is an online magazine that launched in the middle of year 2006. We are focusing on the world of music as this fully interactive platform features various genres of music, news and reviews in an effort to promote diversity and appreciation for music. We dare to break the surface and explore new horizons. Through articles and interactions with music artists, we encourage our visitors to read our magazine and keep supporting it. This is to enable us to continue our goal of being the main source of news in the music world today. Helmed by our staff of dedicated music aficionados, there will be an opportunity for readers to voice out their opinions and give us some ideas.

We know that a lot of us are music lovers and that we all have different tastes in music. We even look up our favorite music artists and want to be updated about them every day. We tend to buy some pricey magazines and newspapers, wait for news on TV or browse through the web just to keep our information on our favorite music stars fresh. This is why Confront Magazine is not selling our music magazine in any of the stores. We are an online magazine that allows you to read our articles for free. We want to serve you. All you have to do is just to register here and an automatic confirmation email will be sent to you right away. From then, you can now start reading the full articles that are posted in our website.

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